Your wedding ceremony, incorporating what is most meaningful to each of you, can be an inspiring experience for all those present. Today more and more people are choosing a non-traditional, experiential Spiritual path, which is often a blend of elements from diverse sources that together create a unique and heartfelt expression of love for each other and for the Divine. It is our joy to craft a wedding ceremony for you that is a synthesis of the spiritual journeys that brought you to this moment as well as to honor your traditions of origin and the love that calls your hearts to make this commitment.


One of the things my husband and I were most stressed out about was the ceremony. We wanted to add some Jewish traditions but didn't want the ceremony to have too much of a religious focus. Claire did such a wonderful job helping us customize our ceremony but threw in additions when needed. We have gotten compliments from all our guests about how beautiful the ceremony was and how perfect it was for my husband and I specifically.


Emily & Jake by Karen Allen Photography