With our home base in Charlottesville, VA, we are happy to officiate at your wedding ceremony in any of dozens of beautiful locations around the Commonwealth: restaurants, wineries, galleries, churches, resorts, parks, historic places, back yards and bed & breakfasts throughout Central Virginia including: Charlottesville, Albemarle County and surrounding counties and beyond. On occasion we are also happy to travel to Richmond, the Shenandoah Valley, Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

As an Interfaith Minister and Wedding Officiant I, along with my wonderful colleagues, draw on a wide variety of resources from near and far, familiar and unfamiliar, traditional and contemporary, to create a wedding ceremony that will express your love and honor you and your families in the best possible ways.

We look forward to working with you to craft a wedding ceremony that is the perfect expression of your unique love


Interfaith / Interspiritual

Your wedding ceremony can fully honor each of your cultural, ethnic and/or religious backgrounds as well as the spirituality to which you have evolved both individually and as a couple. In an Interfaith or Inter-spiritual ceremony we honor traditions.


Your one-of-a-kind ceremony can incorporate meaningful elements from your cultural and/or ethnic heritages while honoring what is most unique about your union. Music, ritual, readings and prayers from your cultural traditions.


You can have a lovely, meaningful ceremony based on the love that draws you together as a couple and what is most meaningful to you in life both individually and as a couple. Ritual elements, along with poetry, music.

Spiritual, but not religious

Your wedding ceremony, incorporating what is most meaningful to each of you, can be an inspiring experience for all those present. Today, more and more people are choosing a non-traditional, experiential Spiritual path.


At its very best your wedding ceremony can not only be a true reflection of who you are and what is most meaningful to you individually and together but can create an experience of inspiration and joy for all of your guests. We look forward to working with you to craft a wedding ceremony that is the perfect expression of your unique love.

Photo Credits: (top) Laura & Ryan by Rebekah J. Murray Photography and (bottom) Stephanie & Daniel by Wendell Powell Studio