You ceremony is the heart of your wedding day… each wedding ceremony is a completely unique creation. Your ceremony may contain traditional and contemporary elements of your choosing, as well as unique, inspired elements that we create together. The ceremony is fashioned for you alone. No two couples are the same: your unique story, your families, your cultural and religious heritages as well as those elements that have become meaningful to you as adults can be honored in your wedding ceremony. Part of this process is my asking you lots of questions so that I can get to know you, your history and your relationship well. This allows me to create a ceremony that is all about you and your distinctive relationship. We are happy to work with you to create your wedding ceremony on short notice when needed.


Interfaith / Interspiritual

Your wedding ceremony can fully honor each of your cultural, ethnic and/or religious backgrounds as well as the spirituality to which you have evolved both individually and as a couple. In an Interfaith or Inter-spiritual ceremony we honor traditions.


Your one-of-a-kind ceremony can incorporate meaningful elements from your cultural and/or ethnic heritages while honoring what is most unique about your union. Music, ritual, readings and prayers from your cultural traditions.

Personal / Civil

You can have a lovely, meaningful ceremony based on the love that draws you together as a couple and what is most meaningful to you in life both individually and as a couple. Ritual elements, along with poetry, music.

Spiritual, but not religious

Your wedding ceremony, incorporating what is most meaningful to each of you, can be an inspiring experience for all those present. Today, more and more people are choosing a non-traditional, experiential Spiritual path.



Claire helped us put together a ceremony that really captured our vision for our wedding. It was very personal to us, and many of our guests commentedon that. We are not very religious people, but we have religious families, and they were very touched by the ceremony. Claire was very aware of this careful balance; creating a ceremony that aligned with our spiritual beliefs, but at the same time did not alienate our religious families, and she was very successful in doing this. We had a lot of wet eyes at our wedding, including our own!


Photo Credits: (top) Meg & Landon by Jen Fariello Photography; (bottom) David & Reggie by Rob Garland Photographers