Wedding Ceremonies

Your Personalized Wedding Ceremony

Erin & Yuri by Eric Kelley

You ceremony is the heart of your wedding day… each wedding ceremony is a completely unique creation. Your ceremony may contain traditional and contemporary elements of your choosing, as well as unique, inspired elements that we create together. The ceremony is fashioned for you alone. No two couples are the same: your unique story, your families, your cultural and religious heritages as well as those elements that have become meaningful to you as adults can be honored in your wedding ceremony. Part of this process is my asking you lots of questions so that I can get to know you, your history and your relationship well. This allows me to create a ceremony that is all about you and your distinctive relationship.

We are happy to work with you to create your wedding ceremony on short notice when needed.
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Sabeena & Patrick by Holland Photo Arts

Your ceremony can fully honor each of your cultural, ethnic and/or religious backgrounds as well as the spirituality to which you have evolved both individually and as a couple. In an Interfaith or Interspiritual ceremony we honor the traditions from which you have come with words, music and ritual in a way that is warm and inclusive an stresses the love and common ground that brings you together. Interfaith weddings offer an opportunity to build bridges of understanding by keeping the focus on the love that joins us on your wedding day and universal themes of understanding, spirituality and love. It is our joy to work with each couple to create a ceremony that is a wonderful experience for you and your family and friends.

Please feel free to inquire about having us co-officiate with other clergy or with a friend or family member.

Spiritual but not Religious

Melissa & Ray by Jack Looney

Your wedding ceremony, incorporating what is most meaningful to each of you, can be an inspiring experience for all those present. Today more and more people are choosing a non-traditional, experiential Spiritual path, which is often a blend of elements from diverse sources that together create a unique and heartfelt expression of love for each other and for the Divine. It is our joy to craft a wedding ceremony for you that is a synthesis of the spiritual journeys that brought you to this moment as well as to honor your traditions of origin and the love that calls your hearts to make this commitment.


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Michelle & Zane by Andrew Reilly

Your one-of-a-kind ceremony can incorporate meaningful elements from your cultural and/or ethnic heritages while honoring what is most unique about your union. Music, ritual, readings and prayers from your cultural traditions can be used to create a wonderful ceremony honoring the blending of your lives into a new and promising future. Inviting loved ones to participate in your ceremony offers opportunities for sharing elements of culture (such as different languages and specific ritual elements) giving all those present a one-of-a-kind experience of the unique fusion that your marriage represents.


Meredith & Todd by Jen Fariello

You can have a lovely, meaningful ceremony based on the love that draws you together as a couple and what you find most meaningful in life both individually and as a couple. Ritual elements along with poetry and music can be used to create a wonderful, heartfelt wedding ceremony full of love and celebration.