Wedding Ceremony Meditation

by Holland Photo Arts

Tho’ a wedding day is full of happiness and joy it can also be a stressful day that flies by much too quickly.  One way you might slow things down a bit is to invite everyone to stop, take a breath and remember what this day is truly all about…  adding a brief meditation to your wedding ceremony offers a welcome pause and  can be a lovely opportunity for both the couple, wedding party and all the guests to come into the present moment and enjoy a quiet moment.

Here is the script of a recent ceremony meditation that I led right before the bride & groom exchanged their vows. Would you consider adding a meditation to your ceremony?

And now, in preparation … I want to extend an invitation to each of you … an invitation to enter a brief time of silent waiting and joyful anticipation together.  As Maya & Binit’s dearest ones, gathered to offer our deepest love and support to the marriage that we will witness in just a few minutes…

I invite each of you to sit comfortably, perhaps with your feet flat on the earth and your hands relaxed in your lap.  … now close your eyes or lower your gaze… and … take in a slow deep breath and … relaxing into this place and this moment.

Breathing softly… leave behind the activity of the day… arrive completely in this beautiful place, at this joyous celebration of love and family…

Now that we are focused and relaxed and fully present I invite you to reflect on your connection to Maya and Binit… take a moment to observe and enjoy it… bringing it too into this place and time.

And now I invite you, as you see Binit and Maya in your mind’s eye… as they prepare to make their promises to each other … to see and hold your very best wishes for them … bring to mind your prayer or highest wish for them… hold this vision tenderly in your heart… send it out to Maya and Binit with your love and support for their life together … and see them receiving it from you with their deepest love and gratitude for your presence in their lives returned many fold.

>>>   pause 45 – 90 sec. <<<

And now I invite you to raise your gaze or open your eyes and return to this place …